5 Reasons We Need a New Civic Center

Offices are crumbling!

Our offices are crumbling!

Atherton disaster preparedness needs upgrades!

We need to be disaster ready.

Our police deserve better. Help us upgrade Atherton police facilities.

Our police deserve better.

We’ve outgrown our space. Atherton needs storage space to conduct business efficiently.

We’ve outgrown our space.

Water damage threatens our books. Atherton library walls are water damaged, cracking, and in disrepair.

Water damage threatens books.

1. Create a landmark that builds community and civic pride

We’ve seen communities such as Portola Valley and Redwood City create new Town Centers that excite and engage their residents. Now, our residents are ready to rebuild the heart of Atherton and rekindle our community spirit. It will be a campus where we can celebrate our history, create new traditions and embrace our future…a place that will continue to attract young families who will carry on the character and quality of our town.

2. Respond effectively to natural disasters and emergencies

The earthquake that recently rocked the Napa region reminds us that Atherton needs to be better prepared. Currently, we lack the technology and storage space for water, food and first aid to adequately respond to disasters. We need a seismically strong facility that can house emergency supplies and vehicles, and provide shelter.

3. Attract and retain a high-quality police force

When our police officers aren’t patrolling our streets and protecting our families and homes, they’re working in a run-down police station that has antiquated facilities. A modern police station with enhanced infrastructure and amenities will help us recruit and maintain a professional, dedicated police force.

4. Conduct business in Atherton faster and easier

Cramped office conditions slow down work in Atherton. Documents, blueprints and financial data are increasingly difficult to create, access and store because there is simply no room. With new administration buildings, staff will be able to address questions, process permits and conduct town business more efficiently. And with new council chambers, our elected officials will have the space to meet and consult with residents on a variety of concerns and issues.

5. Provide a library that meets 21st century needs

Our library served Atherton well for many generations. But today’s families look for something more than books and author events. A library that offers a spectrum of learning opportunities and digital resources will be a magnet for everyone from toddlers to seniors.