Atherton Civic Center Project

Atherton Civic Center Project Interior Courtyard April 1 2016

When we invest in the Civic Center, we invest in our home and community.

The Need

Major parts of our Town Center infrastructure were built between the 1920’s and the 1950’s. Our employees work in worn-out facilities that do not meet modern building codes related to handicap, seismic and safety standards. No amount of repairs can make these buildings fully functional.

The Solution

After studying the need and reviewing options at public meetings, the Town Council presented a master plan to transform our 4.8 acre parcel near the train station into a true Civic Center. The project includes the construction of a new police station, library, council chambers and administration offices to manage Planning, Building and Public Works. With enhanced technology and capacity, our town center can deliver high-quality services to residents for years to come.

The Attraction

To encourage our residents to visit, the new center also features a pedestrian-friendly central green, community spaces for events, and possibly a café. For the first time in generations, Atherton will have a Town Center that not only serves and protects its residents, but one where neighbors and friends can meet and attend stimulating events. This center will make Atherton safer, smarter and more engaging, and will make our homes an even better investment.

The Cost

The estimated cost of the new Civic Center is $25 million beyond what is in reserve for the library and building department. In 2012, Atherton residents passed ballot Measure L, requiring the town to build the new Civic Center primarily with private funds. (Though our Atherton property taxes are high, only 8% of what is collected returns to the town’s General Fund. And with no commercial center, Atherton has no sales tax revenue to use.) In response to the need for private funding, Atherton Now has been formed to raise the $30 million. Donations are tax deductible.

The Timing

Fundraising for the new Civic Center is underway. Groundbreaking is scheduled for 2017.

You hold the key to our new civic center.  Donate today.

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