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We Need Your Help

Today, we have a unique opportunity to build a Town Center that provides top-notch civic services in a setting with wonderful amenities for our families. But we can’t turn this concept into a vibrant reality without your support.

That’s why the Atherton Now – Building Community committee launched this campaign to raise $25 million for our new Civic Center. We hope you’ll join our efforts to build what is missing in our town—a true center that will enrich the way we live and learn. We encourage you to make an investment in our community. You may wish to donate cash or other appreciated assets, such as stock. All donations to Atherton Now are 100% tax deductible. Refund Policy.

Gifts of Cash

You can make a secure donation online with your credit card by clicking the PayPal button to the right. Or you can pay by check. All contributions are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Atherton Now, memo: Capital Campaign. Mail contributions to:  Atherton Now 91 Ashfield Road  Atherton, CA  94027

Wire Transfer

To make a wire transfer to the Atherton Now account, please:

Call us at (650) 330-3464

Gifts of Stock

To donate gifts of stock, please call or email:

Please call us at (650) 330-3464
Email: Thank you for your support!

Donor Levels

We appreciate any and all gifts to the campaign!
Click Here for Atherton Civic Center Naming Opportunities (PDF)

The 1923 Club

This is the $1 million and above donation level. Atherton was founded in 1923 and these million dollar donors are “the founding families” of our new Civic Center.

The Fair Oaks 500

This is the $500,000 level. Before Atherton was officially named, the summer community here was called “Fair Oaks” in reference to our beautiful native trees.

The Station Lane 250

This is the $250,000 level. Station Lane is where our civic center was built in 1929, next to our historic train station.

The Faxon 100

This is the $100,000 level. Faxon is the first name of Mr. Faxon Dean Atherton, the gentleman who helped to incorporate our town in 1923.

The Linden 50

This is the $50,000 level named after Linden Towers, an estate built by James Flood in what is now the Lindenwood neighborhood.

The Edward Eyre 25

This is the $25,000 level named after Atherton’s first mayor who spearheaded the construction of a town hall to “care for the growing needs of our community.”

The NextGen 10

This level is for the $10,000 donors, the families who want a Civic Center that will serve not only their families, but those of the next generation as well.

2nd Century Supporters

These are the donors who contribute between $5000 and $9999. In 2023, Atherton will be 100 years old!

The Three Sisters Supporters

This level honors Isabella, Alejandra and Elena, the daughters of Faxon Atherton with streets named after them. These donations are between $1000 and $4999.