“I am thrilled to support a 21st century Civic Center that will protect and engage our residents. ~ Merv Morris
 “As life-long residents of Atherton, my wife Cathy and I support the Civic Center project. The new infrastructure will help move Atherton to a new level of service without sacrificing the small town rural atmosphere.” Tod and Cathy Spieker
 “For years I’ve advocated for a top notch police station and civic center that reflects the quality of our town. Atherton Now will get the job done-they have my support.”George Roberts

Atherton is Building Community

Our campaign to raise $25 Million to design and construct a new Civic Center is underway. We already have many endorsements from members of our community.

Atherton Town Council Members

Rick DeGolia *
Elizabeth Lewis *
Mike Lempres

Cary Wiest
Bill Widmer

Former Atherton Mayors

Jerry Carlson
Nan Chapman
Malcolm Dudley
Didi Fisher *
John Fisher

Jim Janz

Atherton Town Committee Members

Kay Clarke *
Christine David *
Nerissa Dexter

Steve Dostart
Rose Hau

Scott Lane
Gary Lauder
Herb Lechner *
Michael Lempres

Sandy Levison *
Phil Lively (In life, a devoted supporter)

Clive Merredew
John Ruggeiro
Larry Sweeney
Paul Tonelli
Mary Widmer

Residents at Large

Steve and Maryan Ackley
Julie Brody
Shirley Carlson
Mike David
Karen Francis DeGolia
Cosette Dudley
Elizabeth and Bruce Dunlevie
Betsy Glikbarg
Jay and Mikey Hoag
Kathy Janz

Kris Klint
Randy and Lisa Lamb

David Levison
Jim Levison
Susan and Marshall Mohr
John Moragne

Merv Morris
Amy Reardon
George Roberts
Jesse and Mindy Rogers
Chuck and Helen Schwab

Cynthia and Bruce Sewell
Brad and Joyce Smith
Ned and Carol Spieker
Tod and Cathy Spieker
Mark and Mary Stevens
Elizabeth and George Still
Jim Young

Kimberly Young *

  • Denotes Atherton Now Committee Member