Message from Our Co-Chairs

Didi Fisher Co-Chair, Atherton Now (Former Atherton Mayor)

Didi Fisher Co-Chair, Atherton Now (Former Atherton Mayor)

Sandy Levinson, Atherton Campaign Team Co-Chair

Sandy Levison Co-Chair, Atherton Now

September 2016

The new Atherton Civic Center project is moving along, with the continuing commitment of Mack 5, our project managers, and our new town planner, Marty Neal. George Rodericks, Town Manager, is our primary communication link with the Town Council. It takes quite a team to make it all happen.

Now that the final drawings have been approved by the town council, landscape drawings are being finalized and presented for discussion and approval.

A request for bid proposal for construction should be solicited soon after the new year. A commitment continues to have this project be practical, yet efficient and a pleasing gathering spot for our residents.

Atherton Now –Building Community campaign committee is officially kicking off the Community Phase of our campaign this fall. “Family Faire and Farmers’ Market” is a first, showcasing the types of events that will draw us to the new Center.

If you are interested in attending a smaller gathering to learn more, and ask your questions, please send an email to We look forward to a continual dialog – and the realization of our new Town Center.

Your donations and pledges are much needed, and much appreciated! Thank you.

Atherton Living Article - March 2016

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If you’d like to learn how you can support our new town center that will build community in so many powerful ways, please email Atherton Now.